Featured Project

42 Silicon Valley & 49ers EDU Summer Coding Camp

EDU Academy is working with 42 Silicon Valley and 49ers EDU to create and launch the largest summer coding camp in the US that will marry computer science and sport. 

42--renown worldwide for its free, paradigm-changing approach to computer science education--recently established a campus in in Fremont and is looking for ways to recruit cadets, which begat the partnership with EDU Academy and the 49ers. The camp will begin in August, and serve as the launching point for a larger, more comprehensive relationship between the two organizations.  

Our Partners

San Francisco 49ers

EDU Academy conceptualized, designed and brought to market a fully operational STEAM-education program on site at Levi’s® Stadium.  

We secured a title sponsor, created an advisory council, developed an operational plan and budget, built learning venues, hired staff and oversee ongoing execution of a program that has served more than 175,000 participants to date.   

Chelsea FC

EDU Academy was retained by Chelsea FC to host STEAM-related camps at historic Stamford Bridge Stadium--home of the Blues--in London. The programming marries American football and soccer and focuses in on the engineering design process and its impact on the evolution of equipment, and the role that physics and forces play in both sports  

Oklahoma City Memorial

The Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum operates a STEM education program and hired EDU Academy to audit its program for efficiency, curriculum improvements and overall augmentation. 


We provided initial counsel, and re-engaged upon the program's launch for a thorough program evaluation and audit. We then prepared initial recommendations upon review of curriculum, materials and process, and observed lessons and logistical implementation of all programming.


Whisper Ridge Golf Resort & Spa

Whisper Ridge is a world class golf resort and spa planned for construction in Oroville, Calif. 

As part of the project's Lake Wyandotte community programming component, the Whisper Ridge partners engaged EDU Academy to build a comprehensive plan to construct a STEM education learning venue and associated curriculum/experience for the residents, students and educators of the region. 

Mason County Sports Hall of Fame

The Mason County Sports Hall of Fame is projected to open in 2018. EDU Academy was engaged to discuss the merits of establishing an education program as part of the project design and completion with the organization's board and STEM education curriculum building team.

International Women's Baseball Center

The International Women's Baseball Center is launching an education program for the kids of Rockford, Il. EDU Academy was retained to develop the program and funding plan. Upon procurement of funds, EDU will write the curriculum and will bring the program online. 

National Soccer Hall of Fame

The National Soccer Hall of Fame and FC Dallas--based in Frisco, TX--have engaged EDU Academy to help develop an annual STEAM program for the students of the Frisco Independent School District and beyond. EDU will oversee curriculum development, sponsorship acquisition, operations planning and program launch, among other things. The program will launch in 2019.