Scope of Service



EDU Academy helps partners visualize how STEAM education can benefit their communities. We articulate program value proposition to key stakeholders and funders, drawing the road map from ideation to completion.  We also specialize in sponsorship acquisition and activation.    

  • Ideation and creative guidance
  • Value proposition definition
  • Build team curation
  • Advocacy
  • Staffing model 
  • Sponsorship acquisition



EDU Academy can custom-build curriculum, assist in hiring the right people, manage venue construction vendors to ensure project alignment with educational vision, and develop operational models & budgets to aid in bringing programs online. 


  • Construction oversight & execution
  • Marketing & communications (internal/external)
  • Content curation & development
  • Operational models & planning  



Once a program is operational, EDU Academy can help with quality control, professional development of educational staff, ongoing content provision, experience enhancement or program expansion.    


  • Oversight & quality control
  • Professional development
  • Curriculum updates & staff onboarding
  • Annual audit & accountability